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Gold Delicious Apples
Item #: 10101400059
The flavor of these firm, crisp, white-fleshed apples vary: grown in a cool climate, the amount of acid in this apple increases, creating a sweeter flavor. In warmer growing areas, acid content is lower, creating a milder flavor. - WA
Unit: 1 lb.
The Golden Delicious apple has a sweet-tart flavor that can be enjoyed fresh, but also has the necessary acid content and stability to be a baking apple. Fresh, raw apple may be added to green salads, fruit salads or grain salads. Sweeten and spice apple slices, then bake into crisps, crumbles, tarts, cakes, galettes and breads. Apple slices may also be cooked down into preserves and butters, or pureed into sauces and soups. Add slices to burgers and sandwiches. Pairs well with savory items as well, such as onions, cabbages, pork, cheeses and strong herbs.
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