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Lucienne - Fremont
Jeremiah's Pick Coffee Co.
San Francisco, California
Gourmet Coffee

Since our company was founded, Jeremiah’s Pick has been a leader in the sustainable foods movement and the organic coffee community. Our commitment begins at the farm and continues right through to our roaster located here in San Francisco. Jeremiah travels the world each year seeking out family farms and cooperatives that employ socially and environmentally responsible practices. By establishing personal relationships with farmers who support long-range investments in land and people, we insure quality, consistency and integrity in our coffees. Superior coffee can only be created if the land and people who grow it are respected.

In January 2008 we became Carbon Neutral certified by Terrapass as a part of our commitment to sustainability.
Jeremiah’s Pick was one of the first coffee roasters in North America to be certified by the Fair Trade movement. We have roasted fine organic coffees since 1996 which are certified by CCOF under the USDA regulations. We offer coffees that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade and Utz Kapeh.

Our coffees are the only ones in North America roasted in an ecologically correct roaster. Its unique design greatly reduces harmful exhaust and by-products of the roast process while using less energy. Just as important, the whole drum method of roasting ensures that no flame ever comes into contact with our coffee beans, creating flavor differences that you can taste.

Here at our San Francisco facility we provide quality jobs to our 20 employees, all of whom live in the Bay area, including 10 who work in our warehousing and roasting operations. Each of them earns a living wage and benefits such as health care, sick time, on the job training and paid time off. Our commitment to responsible coffee roasting is infused with real passion. We are dedicated to the production of socially and environmentally sustainable coffees.

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