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Lucienne - Fremont
Wine Country Cuisine
Greg Nilsen (with Lorene Reed)
Sonoma, California
Organically grown herbs
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My organic herb farm in Sonoma County has the most perfect mild climate for growing plants all year round. Much like Provence, France, where the climate is perfect is renowned for the quality of it's food, Sonoma County is also perfect for growing herbs, vegetables and fruits all year round. The food made from them is also of exceptional world class flavor and quality.

I started out as an engineer and when I became a farmer here, in 1992, I was able to bring the inventiveness and resourceful thinking of an engineer to the process of Organic Farming.

I built my own washers to double and triple wash my herbs and evolved a way of working with the land that is harmonious with nature.

I put in my own well to wash and water my herbs because I do not want any chlorine in my water.
Most people don't know that organic farmers can use chlorine by law. I do not use it at all.

I also developed a unique packaging system to insure freshness and prevent any contamination. 
Staggering the planting and harvesting of herbs insures that the Planet Organics community has access to the best herbs, every week, all year round.

Often my herbs are harvested, washed, packaged and delivered to Planet Organics the same day. You could simply not get them fresher unless you grew them yourself.

With the small local Planet Organics team my herbs are on your table in the most perfect condition and, because of them, you get the maximum flavor and nutritional value. Freshness is everything when it comes to herbs. The speed of delivery and the respect they show to my herbs are very, very important to me.

Having been in this business for 25 years I am happy to be part of the quality being preserved in the bigger picture at Planet Organics. This community of growers and the people supporting them and cooking with their high quality food is unique and I believe of great importance to the Bay Area region.

On a more personal note, my future looks bright because my brother Chris has just joined me on the farm. It has been a long held dream of mine to be a local "family" farm, an organic farm that is part of the vibrant and dynamic Planet Organics family.

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